It all began with Austrian ski icon Franz Klammer who won the 1973 Schladming world cup race wearing Dynafit boots. Klammer and fellow Austrian Leonhard Stock went on to win several world cups and Olympic medals with the help of Dynafit products. Straight from the start Dynafit had successful athletes racing and developing their products. Currently the company is a household name when it comes to light and high quality ski gear. Some would call them a reference when it comes to winter sports.

In 2010 the firm progressed towards the warmer season. They started to expand their product array and developed their first mountain running collection. I had the chance to review some of their products (MS Feline Superlight, Feline SL and the Pantera) along the way. With the latest Feline Vertical Pro they unquestionably raise a lot of eyebrows. And not only because of the distinctive look!

Difficult to oversee – the magenta and neon-green mixture is something distinctive and one-off. These shoes not only look reckless, though.

Don’t get perplexed! The right shoe appears with an upbeat and flashy magenta look although the left one sports a bright neon-green. I like the idea!

There are some fine-looking diminutive graphical highlight.

I appreciate the agile and direct attitude of this shoe. As stated earlier, the new-fangled Dynafit Feline Vertical Pro is a lightweight racing shoe with a hell lot of grip. This one needs some breakneck and challenging trails to be at its best.

Salomon effectively presented the Quick Lace technology to trail running. Dynafit uses a similar technique that works pretty well.

These glitzy mates come with a kind 4 mm drop to help an undeviating sense for the underground. I valued the “close to the ground” sensation a lot as I ran the shoe on and off-trail. In the last few weeks it turned out to be my absolute go-to shoe from 30 minute to 2-hour trail runs.

The super-light EVA midsole delivers great cushion without being to inflexible. Also a dainty but efficient carbon shield safes your feet from rocks and other trail endangerments.

Dynafit uses well know sole syndicate Vibram to deliver prodigious grip and characteristic material.

Really. I can not get enough of the loud design. I totally dig the look of the Feline Vertical Pro.

With the outsole scheme Dynafit did a great job. This one has some very well designed traction abilities. I totally dig the stylishness of this Vibram sole. They call it Megagrip for a reason.

Minimalist methodologies to the midsole and upper keep Dynafits newest trail running model sprightly and sensitive. Well made for steadfast and technical runs.

…and this time a shot that shoes the right shoe.

250 grams of pure grip and off-trail sickness.

Traction and eye satisfaction –  a fashionable and thrilling ride.

Dynafits symbol got changed in 2005 to a snow leopard. The leopard wholly represents the companies values: Speed, Lightness, Performance and Technology.
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All pictures (c) Runssel