OK. So you have the choice. There is only one running shoe you are allowed to take to a lonely island. Lets say this isle has a gorgeous 400 meter state-of-the-art track. Consider a wonderful and never-ending set of trails alongside the coastline and up to a rough and rock-strewn mountain. Think about a boulevard for some intervals or tempo runs. Meditate about a sandy and traffic free backroad with Rooney Mara handing you your desired drink just about when you need it. Think about a fine steep hill for some sprints and think about a bar with a scenic ocean view and free drinks every day precisely where you finish your workout.

Well, which running shoe would you take? There is a pretty good chance that the T7 Racer joins me on that remote island far away from any cruel weather and unexciting daily training routes.

I can not remember a pair of shoes that I have worn more often then this model from Brooks. No matter what’s on the training agenda. The T7 ticks the box for me. Blending out the spikes, this shoe is the lightest representative of the Brooks crew. And that does not mean there is not such a thing as cushion and support. With this shoe you keep everything minimal and quality. Every aspect is well thought out and just when you put this one on your feet you know what I’m chatting about. I know that this shoe is considered a racing flat and it is well worth it to race it. But besides this clear focus there is much more.

For a minimal shoe of this style the arch support is pretty much dreamlike. Being a neutral shoe this is a feature that is not found regularly in this “weight class”. As the shoe is pretty tight I’d recommend to take it at least half a size bigger then you would typically buy a road flat. It seems that the advantageously position of rubber and the asymmetrical arch saddle give this shoe a exceptional vibe. There is not too much and not too less material at the right place. Pretty impressive.

The heart of this shoe are the HydroFlow fluid parts in the front and in the back of the sole. I think there is not much need on the back of the sole as people who are able to use this shoe the way it should be used do not need much support in the back. Nevertheless it’s not a big deal as the lightweight material doesn’t necessarily increase the overall weight. I do also like the soft touch of the sole. Not usual for flats the cushion allows you to run all sorts of workouts. From track to road to trails the sole responds nice and direct. Going of the roads the sole could be a bit tricky in wet off-road conditions.

As always in such a review I’d ask people who have no experience with light shoes to take it easy with this one. Saying that, the Brooks T7 can be a great introduction to the world of minimal running. For every other runner this is a daily workhorse as well as a great shoe for your new PB. And if the look does not motivate you to run fast, well, then you better stay away from the T7 as well as from that isolated island I was talking about earlier on.

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