It is rare, but sometimes it happens. A shoe in the lower price categories that hits the nail. After a while this one pretty much surprised me – Adi Dassler’s Solar Ride.
There is not that much to write about really. No special feature or shiny gimmick. This one is the new version of the popular Supernova.
One of the cheapest models in Adidas Solar Collection is definitely not the worst. A durable and neutral allrounder. Daily mileage beater with no thrills. Nothing more to ask.
The Solar Ride feels a bit like the cheaper brother of the Solar Glide. While the Glide features a Boost sole, the Ride comes up with a No- Name cushion that actually feels pretty nice.
Let that Midsole drop. 10 mm to precise (heel: 30 mm / forefoot: 20 mm).
I use the Solar Ride for daily jogs. It is not the lightest shoe around but i do not care really. The supportive Forgedmesh upper feels nice and holds the feet in place.
No thrills continental rubber Adiwear outsole. Does the trick on roads and is not too bad on dry trails.
Some top view of the Solar Ride.
I like bigger toe boxes and this one is pretty good and wide.
Almost all Solar line shoes have the same upper. The difference lies within the sole really.
How to finalize a shoe like this? Well, if you want a simple shoe for simple runs. Here you go. Have fun!

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