A reinstalled classic – Nike’s Flyknit Trainer. This time in a new fresh colourway called Bright Citron.
Beaverton-based Running powerhouse Nike Inc. seems to have a weird policy when it comes to successful models. After a huge success with the introcudtion back in 2012, Nike stopped the Flyknit Trainer. Now the popular running shoe is back. Finally.
The Flyknit Trainer features a beautiful light and minimal construction with a mix of the distinctive and comfortable Flyknit, Flywire, and great efficient foam cushioning.
The single layer upper creates a great and easy fit. The shoe feels pretty light  and by now the Flyknit upper is a material thats proven and widely liked amongst runners. While the upper might feel strechty it does a great job to keep the foot steady while running.
While the Flyknit Trainer is a performance based running shoe i dig the design and the overall appearance of this shoe.
A beautiful yet comfortable feature is the “sock-like” entrance. It adds to the overall feeling of the shoe and provides a great sensation that creates a comfortable fit.
The Frontend of a great training buddy.
From the inside – The Flyknit Trainer knows how to combine cushion with a responsive and fast feeling.
5 years after it’s initial launch the shoe is still up to date and popular amongst a wide array of runners.
The backside
Rumor has it that there are more Flyknit Trainer colourways approaching in the near future.
 This model was the one that started the succesful Flyknit technology for Nike. It has been around the market for five years and got introduced to several other models with huge success. The knit fabric made from recycled plastic revolutionized athletic footwear in terms of weight and breathability.
No news when it comes to the design of the outsole. The waffleskin rubber outsole is a proven one and the diamond pattern create a great grip on the road and during dry trail runs.


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