It is no secret that Sauconys Endorphin line has been a favorit of mine since quite a while. When the Endorphin Pro dropped in 2020, the bar was set high. Since a couple of days the 4th update of the Pro is available and i had the chance to have a proper go at the this version. One noticeable evolution is the increase in stack height, which has seen a boost of 7mm rise since the original release. But perhaps the most crucial update lies in the width of the shoe. Gone are the days of a narrow fit!
From the first stride, I was hooked on the Endorphin Pro 4. It’s got some serious upgrades and exciting features. While it retains that classic Saucony feel, the addition of PWRRUN HG (also used in the Elite) in the midsole foam gives it an extra spring. Unlike the Pro 3, which only had PWRRUN PB, the Pro 4 combines HG with PB for a smooth ride.
Saucony’s mastery in upper design shines through once again with this latest release. The simplicity of the design is simple and sleek, with meticulous attention paid to every aspect. But what really makes this shoe stand out is its unparalleled stretchiness, delivering a snug, comfortable fit while maintaining rock-solid stability. And the integrated tongue? It seamlessly melds with the rest of the upper and provides its part to a stable feeling. It’s a harmonious blend of style and substance.
Now here’s a detail that catches the eye: the top of the integrated tongue. With its sleekness and flexibility, it brings a touch of finesse to the whole design.
The Endorphin Pro 4’s blend of PWRRUN PB and HG is right out of the gate. But the real magic kicks in when you start picking up the pace. Coupled with a carbon fiber plate and Saucony’s Speedroll technology, it propels you forward with proper support for the stride. While it feels slightly softer than its predecessor, the Endorphin Pro 3, don’t mistake that for any loss in speed—it maintains its quick responsiveness.
Saucony’s latest release showcases the Speedroll midsole technology. In combination with the carbon plate, it provides a catapult feeling with a surge of momentum. This technolgy revolves around two pivotal components: elevated cushioning and a rock-solid forefoot. Together, they guarantee a ride that’s not only comfortable but also powerful.
If you were all about the Endorphin Pro 3, get ready to dig the 4th version even more. It’s got that sleek look that just screams speed, but what really makes it stand out is how well it performs. The feel is super responsive, and the cushioning is top-notch—makes for an amazing combo. That said, the Endorphin Pro 4 is a departure from its predecessor in several ways. It’s softer, providing a more plush ride, yet it maintains stability, ensuring a secure stride. The grip on the outsole has been enhanced for better traction, and the upper offers amazing comfort. If you’re in the market for your a carbon-plated racing shoe, the Endorphin Pro 4 could be an option. With its stability, cushioning and a price tag that won’t break the bank compared to other super shoes.

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