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Saturday – day seven at the big brother house

Time for some action! Gate river run, Jacksonville. The US 15 k champs.
A really foggy morning was the opener for the race today. A huge field (around 15.000) lined up. Uli and i had seeded numbers so we were aloud to start from the front section. Beside us was a good bunch of US pros. A bit scary to see all those super fast guys around. Anyway. The race was brilliant. A windy but exciting route through Jacksonville with a brilliant support from the locals.

For me the race was tough as the legs have a huge amount of kilometers in this week. Bill Rodgers warned Uli and me the day before. The last bridge would be the killer. He was right. That blue thing was a true killer.

Finally I ended up with a 56:13 time. It’s ok as the race was just part of our little trainig holiday. Uli clocked a 51:46.

Now we are back in daytona to enjoy the sun and a bit of running.

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