“What is the plan this season?” It is the common dialog once you come across friends or fellow endurance sport junkies. Almost certainly I would not be exercising on a regular basis if there would not be the odd sporting contest on the horizon.

Face it – Signing up and dedicating to a competition adds sense and a direction to everyday training. Despite the fact that this can be demanding it also means supplementary drive. I certainly like to have goals and having a well-adjusted agenda is inspiring to look forward to.

With our move to Sweden it is apparent that my emphasis lies on racing locally. Getting the chance to spend time travelling the country with my family and seeing all the varied places across this stunning kingdom is something that I look forward to.

So for the imminent season these are the battles I choose:

28.05.2017 ÖTILLÖ Utö Swimrun

By now a classic in the continuously growing SwimRun logbook. This race across the islet of Utö is challenging and a proper first test for the system. I’ll be racing this with my friend Felix.

10.06.2017 Stockholm SwimRun

My first city SwimRun race. Living in a city that seems to made for this sport, this was the obvious contest to pick. The course looks super fun and should be pretty fast. Looking forward to race this in the original German Sparkle Party formation with Fabian.

01.07.2017 Åre Xtreme Challenge

Another highlight and a race that should be well out of my comfort zone. I certainly have to opt my kayak and mountain-bike abilities for this multisport classic across Jämtland.

15.07.2017 Åstol Runt

The 0.15 km2 landmass of Åstol is located on the west coast of Sweden. Since two years they offer a matchless Aquathlon in and around the islet. A 2k open water swim is followed by a 7k run. Undoubtedly I look forward to a proper Aquathlon and a delicious flatfish for recovery

05.08.2017 Öloppet

Styrsö island in the Gothenburg archipelago is where the world’s biggest SwimRun takes place. 5.700 meters of swimming and 33.825 meters of running alongside the inimitable Über-hobbit are on tab.

01.10.2017 ÖTILLÖ 1000 Lakes

After missing last year’s inaugural ÖTILLÖ chapter on GSP home turf, Fabian and I are planning to face the icy Mecklenburger Seenplatte for some challenging fun through East German liquids and trails.

22.10.2017 The Original Mountain Marathon

Ticking of another biggie from the bucket list. Pumped to finally get my legs across the U.K’s stunning northern fells with my old-friend Seb. Facing a icy and clammy night out and lots of navigation work are going to be epic entertainment.

Tune of the day: Allan Rayman – The Cage