The training-weeks are flying by. From today on its just 14 days to race day.

The weekly mileage dropped again. I took a spontaneous rest day on Wednesday as i was feeling tired and had no intension to go out running in the rain. A main focus these days is to stay healthy. I try to get as much sleep in as i can (Averaged roughly 8.5h a night this week), get good food in and wash the hands a bit more then i usually do. The last thing i want these days is a cold or the flu.

Training went OK. This week saw three faster sessions. Tuesday Night i headed to Newbridge to get a couple of 800m intervals on the grass track (see picture). On Thursday i stayed local for a Marathon Pace run. I started off with 20 minutes at Marathon Pace and worked my speed down to half marathon pace.

The long and hard session was, as always, on sunday. Phoenix Park is just a brilliant training spot so i ran my 80 minutes Marathon Pace workout around there. Despite the stomach problem at the end the session went OK.

I continue to decrease the weekly mileage to safe the legs for the bridges.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.
Hunter S. Thompson

Recap WK42
Total 88k with 6 runs in 7 day
3 weeks to New York City

Monday – Easy – 7k
Tuesday – Interval’s (Newbridge Track) – 12k
Wednesday – Rest Day
Thursday – Tempo Run – 16k
Friday – Moderate – 10k
Saturday – Moderate – 15k
Sunday – Tempo – 28k