New York is getting closer and closer. From now on its 3 week till the sound of the gun on Staten Island.

Training is fine so far. The left foot is back to satisfying business. Completely pain free so speed work is back on the weekly work schedule. And exactly that is what my legs are missing. High leg turnover – fast session – hard workouts.

Long runs seem to fly and i enjoy them a lot. The interval session and the pace run this week was a prime example. Still struggling with those hard stuff, but it is exactly what my body needs.

These days i try to avoid running longer than 1 hour during the week as i need to relax the legs for the race and focus on the key sessions (the fast stuff and the long run).

On Sunday coach uli prescribed me a nice marathon focused workout. I ran 80 minutes with a moderate pace together with Eugene in Phoenix Park. When he dropped out i changed shoes and ran 60 minutes in Marathon pace. The legs felt great and the speed was steady and completely on race pace (i would say i slightly went faster…). I ran the hilliest route i could find in Phoenix Park just to get the legs and mind prepared for the bridges around the 5 boroughs. The workout went fine overall and after struggling with the fast sessions during the week that run gave me my confidence back.

Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

4 Weeks to New York City Marathon
Total of 92k. with 6 runs in 7 days

Monday – Easy – 8k.
Tuesday – Intervals, Bushy Park (8 X 1k.) – 12k.
Wednesday – Moderate (Wednesday Night Runners Tallaght) – 14k.
Thursday – Pace Run – 11 k.
Friday – Rest Day – 0 k.
Saturday – Moderate – 13k.
Sunday – Long + Pace – 34k.