My toe is back to normal. No pain at all and i can put full pressure on the foot again. The healing process was fast enough so i wasn’t out of training mode for too long.

i started the week easy as i wanted to take care about my toe. i needed the confidence back.

so i increased the tempo in the workouts as the foot got better and then (by Wednesday) completely pain free.

got a nice run in with shane on saturday morning as we were running on the coast trail from bray to greystones and back. it’s a really scenic route and i always enjoy running the trail even despite the bad weather on the day.

the highlight of the training week was the long run on sunday. i met up with “sumo runner” simone and we drove up to sally gap in the morning (see picture). nice weather up there. the sun was shining and the wind was heavy. we planned to get 180 minutes in. i parked the car just beside sally gap and we ran down for one hour and then turned around. the climb was tougher than expected. unfortunately we reached the car on top of the mountain again after 2 hours running (450 metres of climbing as simones GPS system said afterwards…). that meant we ran the same speed uphill as we ran it downhill earlier on. my stomach wasn’t too happy about that and started cramping at about 90 minutes. i had to stop and relax. the same problem i had months ago came back. maybe it was the speed maybe it was the breakfast – i don’t know. next time i have to take immodium akut again. after 140 minutes i stopped as the cramping didn’t ease off. to finish of the day i went out for marathon pace run in the evening. the stomach was better but not completely relaxed.

Week 40
5 Weeks to the New York City Marathon
113 k with 8 runs
Monday Easy – 6 k
Tuesday Easy – 12 k
Wednesday Moderate – 12 k
Thursday Moderate – 13 k
Friday Easy – 11 k
Saturday Moderate – 17 k
Sunday Long Hills – 31 k (am)
Tempo Run – 11 k (pm)