Another week’s over – more miles are in. The stunning september weather was my motor for this week.

The sun is not a regular partner for my running but it changed this week. the weather was just perfect for training. No rain, no heavy wind and sun. That keep’s you going!

Monday i had my usual recovery run on grass. Relaxed the legs with a long stretch session afterwards.

Due to work duties i couldn’t make the weekly Bushy Park session. i had to go out on my own. close to my house there is a park aswell which i used for the weekly intervals session. i was happy with that workout as it is always tough to run fast and hard on your own. i struggled a bit on the last two intervals but finished the run strong and still on target.

the wednesday night runs are back! the end of the hill race season is also the start of the wednesday night sessions. during last winter i was regularly running with a bunch of runners and triathletes in tallaght. the group meet at the old mill pub in tallaght and the route is regularly around the tallaght water reservoir (see picture) and roads around the outskirts of the wicklow mountains. as always it is good fun and entertainment. this week was the first week for me with the guys. stunning run as the weather was a pure commercial for ireland. the route is tough but you dont really feel it as there is always a good discussion topic going on. rob was over in germany for the eurobike (biggest cycling fair in europe) and couldnt resist to buy the new giant time trial bike. enough discussion for between the two of us then 😉

early on this week i was writing about my pace run on thursday so i wont come back to these topic again.

saturday morning was time for some hill running in the wicklow mountains. we ran a part of the wicklow way i haven’t been on before. it was a technical trail with some very steep uphill. very technical but good running at all.

the alarm was set early for the sunday run with ratharnham. no problem to get out the bed this time as the sun was there again. we went through bushy park and marlay park. felt very relaxed and comfortable during the whole run. maybe one of my best long runs ever? its the group-dynamic that makes it easier to get the long ones in. good fun and good conversations – the time was flying.

Week 37 – 2009
Total 115k – 7 runs
8 Weeks to NYC Marathon
Monday – easy 10k
Tuesday – Intervals (8 x 1Mile) 15k
Wednesday – moderate (hill run) 16k
Thursday – pace run 14k
Friday – easy 9k
Saturday – moderate (hill run) 15k
Sunday – long run 36k