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RACEREPORT: St. James’s Hospital Liberties Fun Run (6.5k), The Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin

If you train on your own the best speed session you can get in is a race. Lucky enough Dublin provides a wide range of road races. So today the Royal Hospital Kilmainham had a 6.5k “Fun Run” organised. A view on the actual course map made that run even more interesting.

Starting from the hospital park through Kilmainham, the actual hospital area and then on into the city and back out again passing the Guiness Factory.

500 runners and walkers lined up on a beautiful evening. The usual faces were there in the first rows. One well known face, not running wise, was kenny egan. as far as im concerened he knocked only himself out today.

A gardai representative startet of the stampede. Quickly there was a gap between the “front pack” and the rest of the field. I was in 6th position and drafted one guy out of kilmainham into the city. The course was very twisting and some nice up and downhills made the race even more interesting.

I started of in a nice smooth pace as i wanted to get a step closer to a good tactic for me when it comes to “shorter” races. The speed was okay until 4,5k were i couldnt really hold the pace. i fought on and shortly before the finish there was a little surprise. a nice steep long climb up to the hospital. I was wrecked and had to give it everything.

For the last 100 metres to the finish line i had not much left. So i ended up with a 22.15. OK for a Thursday night race.

Pictures HERE

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