“You can’t bust a cherry or crush a grape
and if you ain’t got this tape you’re in bad shape”
D.M.C. – Hit It Run

It is an annually procedure. The last Saturday in January is Dirty Race time. As every year I was looking forward to some nasty early season competing. Examining the running form and trying to survive on the mountain bike with petite bike exercising is what it is all about for me. Like every year I was pumped to see friends and battle a race I really love. Duathlon is a great multisport arrangement. Combining the two disciplines with the “Cross Factor” is something I really enjoy.

The battle in Murr was a sellout. Like last year and the year before. People know what they get and the competition is always good. Following a long phase of training during the early months of the year this race is a appropriate system check for many.

Mountainbike training wasn’t on top of my schedule in the last couple of weeks. Throughout the festive period our weekly Tuesday night ride group died out a little. A couple of days prior to the race I assembled my MTB. It was still tucked away from the La Palma excursion a couple of weeks ago. Being an OK off-road cyclist I could take help of some technical talents nearly every year. The weather has been pretty bad the last editions I showed up. Unfortunately not this year. No snow, no rain – this does not really enlarge the “Dirt Factor” of this race. It also meant I couldn’t hide my bike form alongside the puddles and the techy fragments.

The first 5k run started off reckless. I remained relaxed in the big group and tried to secure the legs a bit for the upcoming bike segment. Long story short, I hurt straight from the start. I did not catch the rhythm and I was not able to get my pulse up. On the cycle I never found a rhythm either. I pushed a bit but the body did not reply the way I desired. More people passed me and I began to agree that this is not my day. On the final 4k ring I tried to stay optimistic. As I ran the out-and-back part I saw some of my friends and training partners now on the way back to the finish line. Some of them in great positions. Some of the energy I had left was used to cheer these dudes on.

Every time I raced in Murr I had a decent result. Not so this year. Merciless. Not to ruthless as it is also a great occasion to see so many friends that I haven’t met since the summer season. It is an event I always want to come back. Perhaps with a bit more preparation on the bike. We will see.

Tune of the day: Rack – Konflict Selection Mix