I was a bit frightened. My skinny pins haven’t seen a severe track workout or any tempo outing in the past couple of weeks. After the Engadin contest my swimming came back pretty pleasantly but the running practice was not the finest. The Swiss mounts brought a decent thrashing and the engine was not too willing while travelling on land.

Despite that, all my exercise effort is on the forthcoming SwimRun battles in Breca, the splendid ÖtillÖ and the season ending in Kosters. Consequently a 6k road competition looked like a true fitness assessment. A intolerable distance.

21:24 was the result after, not as much than 6.000 meters round town. I haven’t run that fast for a while but it felt okay. The pacing was decent as I was able to pick up during the closing kilometres. All good so far. At least a moral display that the fitness is there.

37 days until the start of ÖtillÖ.