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Racereport 2015-06/07: Summer Biathlon Hüffenhardt & Trollinger Marathon Relay

It advertised certain excitement. Racing the mountainbike, running and firing. Yes. Gunfire.

That doesn’t sincerely add up. I had the same opinions but I liked the hint of summer biathlon. Although I enjoy seeing the winter races I was always wondering how it feels to really snipe and to fire while having a high-pitched pulse. Per accident I noticed that there is a local series, which offers about 4 races during the summertime. Riding the mountainbike while shooting twice in between was the stance. Doing the same with running a couple of ours later filled the day with some new know-how and the conclusion that this shooting thing is pretty tough.

Indeed I cannot really remember the last time I was holding a gun. My shooting practise in that kind of races was merely down to 5 practice shots before the MTB leg. The whole story is told pretty fast. I rode OK but I shot horrendous and found myself around the “circle of embarrassment” numerous times. I ran OK but the firing was even more dreadful and I managed to have the poorest slaying grade out of all the competitors. Seeing that this carried me right down to the results board gave me a good perception on how it must feel when the “real” Biathletes combat it out in the wintertime. I won’t be working my assassination but I’ll try to get some more of these contests in. Totally fun and a new dimension to the sport.

While the shooting thing was fun and without any pressure, Sundays relay competitions that was held alongside the infamous Trollinger Marathon around my hometown was kind of a biggie. Some work training buddies and I decided to race it last year. We had a lot of fun and won the whole thing. So this year we had the burden of title defence.

I was called in for the 13k middle piece and got the baton with about 30 seconds cushion to the “Audi-Team”. Subsequently around 3k their runner caught me on one of the windy stretches and he merely was too fast for my SwimRunning legs today. I sticked with him for a bit but ultimately I had to let him go and had a rainy battle on my own with the breeze. Our last man couldn’t catch their final dude either. So we came in with a contentedly 2nd place. Still a lot of fun and banter.

Picture Credit: Jonas Fischer

Picture Credit: Jonas Fischer

Saturday’s Biathlon Start.

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