I signed up for this race shortly after it got announced at the start of this year. There is no need to go into any additional detail when it comes down to Heidelberg. One of the most fine-looking towns enclosed by one of the most beautiful settings this world has to over. Well, and just a couple of minutes drive away from my homeland. No need to hold back and not to race. At least that was my thinking procedure when I sat down to register myself for those 42k around Heidelberg.

In the post-Transalpine Run melancholy I lacked the drive towards goal-oriented running and consequently of racing at all. I jogged around for enjoyment, I rode my mountain bike and I played a lot of 5-a-side football (stateside note down: soccer). The game face did not really defined itself and so I was pleased when my pal and midweek jogbuddy Wagster sought after racing the relay contest that was on tab in conclusion with the event. We decided that I would run the first 28k juncture and Steffen to undertake the final part to the summit of the Königstuhl and back down to the old town of Heidelberg.

As foreseen I took it easy from the start. When the climbing started behind the 4k mark I had to fight right away but I was still able to enjoy the great course and the outstanding autumn conditions. The organization entitled this thing “Trailmarathon”. They also had the “German Trailmarathon Championships” on offer. Nobody really knew about that. To describe this baby a trail race is a harsh one. I do not want to be overly unenthusiastic but this run is as far away from a trail competition. Obviously this does not imply that this track is unexciting or understated. It is definitely one of the most varied and exigent routes I ever ran on.

The present hype in off-road running wants to be used to make cash. But this is kind of a miss-use in my belief. Just call that thing “Heidelberg Marathon” and keep it easy.

Nevertheless we had a “grand” day out. Steffen ran close to decease as he was entering the uppermost part of the route close to chock-full debility. My buddy Shane, who came over from Ireland to race with Steffi in the mixed relay came in 3rd place. Steffen and I came in 7th. A excellent finish to a extensive season. Now it is time to loosen up the legs, the mind and charge up the battery for an by now astound looking 2014 term.

Until then dearly loved blogworm.

Tune of the day: Ben Howard – Only Love (Chrome’s Soulmate Trap Rmx)