Just when I read the paper at breakfast, I found out about the local „Abendsportfest“ in Donaueschingen’s Anton-Mall-Stadium. The main event of the night was a 5.000 meter run. A perfect circumstance to give the legs a little bit of a turnover before heading down to Canazei for the European Skyrunning Championships this weekend.
I haven’t raced on the track for a good while so I didn’t had a clue how to pace that party. I ducked in behind the women’s leader. She was going fast and steady. Well, to run behind her did not only take my mind away from pacing.
With about 7 laps to go some blokes passed us. My macho hormones didn’t really allow me to stay with the girl. I went with the dudes and just when they decided to fall of the pace the girl came back.
With a flat 18 minutes time I was pretty pleased. Great racing on a Wednesday night with a good bunch of people and spectators. I think I came in in 5th place. Proper jog.

L: Brooks TAR Blog

Picture: Helmut Junkel