Skin-tight lyrica full-body suits. Bizarre huge sunglasses. Winter-hat’s with Norwegian flags. Faces full off skewer. One has to love that Nordic skating thingy.

After some gentle skidding around with skating skies I decided to actually “race” on them. Well. Kind of contesting I guess. As much as you can “race” after 8-times skating.

The Koasalauf in St.Johann, Austria is a huge one. I did not have a single clue that it is such a biggie. When I saw all the fit looking people beside me in the slopes I got pretty anxious. Close to 2000 people on skies looks like trouble. I was late at the start line and had to wait at the very back. Perhaps a good thing but the passing and uphill queening on the first couple of kilometres was a bit frustrating.

When I finally found my pace after 5 kilometers it was pure racing-pleasure. The final 2 kilometers was a bit of a suffer fest and I was more then staggered when the top guys from the 50k race flew by. Incredible.