Random Picture 1: Finally a good quote.
Found it in some street art book.

Not much transcribing around this petite chunk of the world-wide-cyber-planet. Time to change that. Pronto. Reckless. Momentous. Possibly.

After several weeks of excessive, nevertheless informal forest trail jogging and constant avoidance of the honest pain that was enthusiastically waiting for me at the local 400-meter oval, I couldn’t escape. Running fast. Well, running a bit faster then normal.

Year after year, all over Deutschland thousands of people line up to take part in organised jogs. We call this pre-NYE craze “Silvesterlauf”. Some of the oldest races in this country are run on the final day of the year just before people consume heaps of food and idiotically blast rockets into the cold and dark winter sky. What started in 1925 in cozy Brazilian climate throughout Sao Paulo became a significant part of the winterly German running season.

It has been a while that I have been on home-soil round NYE so I couldn’t find sufficient arguments not to race. Even the final stages of a cold couldn’t persuade me. This year’s race of choice was the jogging contest in Forchheim, a settlement right beside the French border. It seemed the organising fellas found their slot as they have their race on the 30th instead of the 31st. A tiny travel group made the journey to Baden. Reasonable 8 EUR sign-up fee and sunshine created an optimistic atmosphere. A fine pack of around 689 people lined up.

Starting calm on my fastest run after the training-pause was an essential. I teamed up with Steffen to ensure just that. A good and steady pace lead us into the forest area. The mud-covered back roads route was amusing. The rain during the previous days made the course a little mud fest. Shortly after the 3k marker I decided to test the squishy grounds. Our clutch of five was hitting a sharp right turn and I slipped (…I’m awaiting your email Shane). Muddy Buddy me. I desperately tried to catch up with the group but could not get the guys back as I had to fight the severe head-wind on my own. During the rest of the race none of these guys came back and I did not came any closer to them. At least I had 38 minutes time to think about my forthcoming track workouts. They will be necessary.

To shake out the legs, a friend and I decided to run Germanys largest “Silvesterlauf” in Bietigheim the next day. Just for amusement. I love this tradition.

Random Picture 2: Jogging up Manua-Kea a couple of months ago.

As this is my first post in the New Year describing my last race in the old year, I would like to thank each and everybody for calling over to this neck of the interweb. Checking the statistics it looks like a good group people are actually interested in what’s going on at my running end and the number is growing on and on… Thanks for that. I appreciate it!

So to all my family, friends, mates, bloggers, buddies, pals, followers, cronies, readers, partners, sponsors & haters out there:

YOU are going to have an incredible 2013!

Some of my favourites from 2012:
Record: El-P – Cancer for Cure
Song: Toni L & Def Cut – Tornado
Mix: The Sight Below for Resident Advisor Podcast (RA.322)
Runners: Brooks T7
Meal: This baked Salmon at Kaleo’s in Pahoa, Hawai
Coffee: Greenwell Farms, Onouli Estate Coffee
Race: Cuenca 100k (I DNF’ed but an incredible race. I need to go back!)
Drink: Pony Malta
Book: Ayn Rand – Fountainhead (This book is older but I just read it…)

Random Picture 3: Successfully trying to make interesting pictures with a underwater camera.