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Racereport 2012-19: Frankfurt Marathon

Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn’t.
Mark Twain

Crash! Boom! Bang! There is an end to everything. I believed Sundays end will be the “Festhalle”. It came a bit quicker, awkwardly.

The termination of my nomadic running spell came pretty reckless and opened me the eyes on what had happened the former months. Eventually a wild wandering around the world and an irrational racing agenda did not pay off.

Habitually I was looking forward to run the competition. Every race is special but the marathon in Frankfurt would be the end of a lengthy year dedicated on nomadic lifestyle and running.

I just wanted to bang an ultimate road marathon. Experience the city of Frankfurt, meet some old friends and just do what I love to do. It just shouldn’t be the day for it last Sunday.

When I began the race in front of the “Festhalle” It all felt so easy and comfortable. The cold temperatures happened to be perfect for me. Maybe too picture-perfect? The positive sun and the icy air inflated a bit too much enthusiasm into my jetlagged and fatigued brain. I wanted to find my rhythm and a nice group. I was searching for my lately learned road-marathon-cruise-control as revealed in Santiago or Quito. I never found whatsoever.

The unbelievably deep field on the fast amateur front didn’t do me any favour, as I couldn’t judge in what way I was running. Nevertheless it is great and extremely motivating to see the class of the Frankfurt Marathon. Do yourself a favour and check the results. To solely run on your own on this course you need to be really fast.

I didn’t start defensively and paid for it. My belly, again, had a different idea and shortly after the 22k mark I had to vomit. I tried to go on but after I puked a second time running appeared dreadful to me. I jogged easy and checked if I could see my friend Seb. I thought he would pass by in a few minutes. He never came, at least not when I was waiting for him. When I saw a tram approaching I took the easy wait out and rode back to the finish area.

Now it is undoubtedly time to retune the system. I essentially ran through the 2011 and 2012 season without a break. The way I was roaming in South America was more less commanded by running. Races led my way through that continent. I never looked at a thoughtful or structured training regime, which I really appreciated. My days in the mountains and on the roads down there will be in my mind eternally. The opportunities and delight I got through this sport are immeasurable and I’m truly thankful for that. One of the beauties of running is that there are no shortcuts. The body only allows certain punishment. Now is the time to rest the body and the brain. No running until January. Reset the system for new goals in 2013.

I’m already full of motivation. The action has to wait though.

Tune of the day: Tycho‪ – The Daydream

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