I needed to start somewhere. The Dublin Intermediate Cross Country Champs in Tymon Park were the ideal place to get back into racing after the injury.

For my first ever Cross Country race i did not expect to much. I am not a big fan of excuses so i wont start here with pointing out a very busy week in work with nearly no training 😉 Anyway – i wanted to run. I needed that kick in the ass and an eye-opener.

Crusaders had a team of 11 men lined up. The turnout for the Dublin Champs was overall good and the 8K course in Tymon Park was varied and challenging enough.

No surprise that the whole race was tough for me. With nearly no speedwork and no cross country specific training it was a hard run. I made the best out of it. Got stuck in and fought my way through the park. At the end i was delighted to had a pain free run. I did not check the time or the overall result. I just kept the positive feeling of beeing back…

Another positive side of the day was the overall win for Crusaders. Lots of delighted faces in the Cru and “Bonfires in Dublin 4″ as Pat “2:17:46” Hooper was joking at the award ceremony. First cross country title for the club in years!