Killarney (from Irish: Cill Airne meaning “church of sloes”) in County Kerry is one of the most popular and renowned tourist destinations around ireland. The town is located north of the MacGillicuddy Reeks, on the northeastern shore of the Lough Lein/Leane which are part of Killarney National Park. The town and its surrounding region are home to St. Mary’s Cathedral, Ross Castle, Muckross House and Abbey, Lakes of Killarney, Torc Waterfall and Gap of Dunloe. Tons of tourist busses and backpackers are floating around the small town and the beautiful surroundings.

This sunday the DUNDAG MASTERS OPEN WATER SWIMMING CLUB KILLARNEY had the annual MUCKROSS LAKE SWIM on the agenda. The race was split up in different 1 Mile, 3K, 4K and 5K competitions.

I entered the 5K together with 23 other swimmers. A nice crowd lined up at the registration beside the scenic Muckross Lake. Most of the tourist just had the breakfast when we made our way towards the start at a small beach at the south shore of the lake.

The water was calm when the race startet, but later in the swim it became a bit choppy as the wind came up from the mountains.

To swim in Muckross Lake was a unbelievable experience. The landscape is something else and to swim in such a beautiful surrounding is something really special.

The race itself went solid for me. It was my longest swim race ever so i didnt know how to tackle the distance. After all i should have pushed a bit more. I got into a nice rhytm at around 1k and was holding the pace steady until the finish.

Results 5K

1. NED DENNISON – 1:16
2. KEN ROGERS – 1:21
3. JOHN CONROY – 1:26
4. MARK DEMPSEY – 1:28

1. ORAN KANE – 1:10
2. JOHN EDWARDS – 1:24
3. JOHN CONROY – 1:26