I was grinding down the road. The wheels are not rolling properly as the surface is rough and the little stones on the streets hit my frame here and there. I can not clearly see the road but far away i spot the finish line. A bit blurry and nothing left in the tank i still try to get more speed. Then it is one quick “swoosh” sound right beside me. The guy that started 1 minute behind me overtakes me. A perfect aero position a nice final punch and he got me. Bad luck. I could not escape the truth of time trialing…

Todays 10 Mile Time Trial was a pretty rough one. Rough for me and rough for the rest of the crew as well. Tough course mixed with heavy winds and the usual bad roads.

It is a UK thing – Road Time Trials during the week. The north of Ireland is well known for those events. So this weeks club race was a time trial. Usually the TT races are on a thursday night but the club decided to get one in today. I attended clearly knowing that this will be hard.

When i arrived at the meeting point the lads were setting up their gear. It looked pretty profesional. The finest TT gear from now and then. Guys on old Nolan or Raleigh Machines and boys with the latest Cervelo or Ridley swag. I did not care about the equipment. My aero bars and aero wheels are in Dublin and since my last Triathlon i did not use them at all. The only TT relevant gimmick on me were cover socks. It did not bother me. Normal road set up and here we go.

I was keen to race and keen to suffer. And i suffered. At the end i came in with a 26.25. Lots of space for improvement to be made. First i need to get my legs up to speed for such a thing, then i can think about the gear.