The picture tells the story! tough day for me at the RTE (Radio Telefís Éireann) 5 miler (for the kilometer heads: 5 miles = 8.04672 kilometers) in dublin.

i arrived pretty late at the race site at the RTE company area. registered and got changed in seconds and warmed up on the way to the start. the start signal sounded and the fight began for me. my legs were everything but NOT fresh. i couldnt stay with the leader so i just hang in. got the head down and fought my way through the 5 miles. the race took place on a 4 lap course through donnybrook and the RTE area.

Everytime i passed my car i was thinking of dropping out. but i kept going and fought on. that would have been the positive output of that race.

i came in with a 28:47 time. just by seconds the same time i was clocking earlier this year in raheny over the same distance. but races like this are just part of my “get races – get faster” programm.

i cooled down with an easy jog and enjoyed the great food and the nice ceremony at the RTE sports club. really well organised race and great weather. more of that combination please!