Recently I have been asked what I was listening to while running.

When I train with ears covered I barely listen to music. Most of the times various non-music mp3’s are bouncing within the plugs.

Some months ago I scripted a piece on running related podcasts for the German running magazine “RUNNING – Das Laufmagazin”. In this article I introduced the “Marathon Talk” (currently “Talk Ultra”), “Competitor Radio” and the “Marathon Show” podcasts.

But beside this three popular and merely running associated shows there is even more exciting audio material available these days. For example the past few months I have been busy listening mostly to the following five shows:

A. BBC World Service – Documentaries
B. Endurance Planet (Check the “ATU” slices featuring Lucho)
C. BBC World Service – HARDtalk
D. BBC Radio 4 – Profile (Make sure to check the episode from the 21st of April featuring Kraftwerks Ralf Hütter!)
E. The Off the Ball Football Show 

I will post an updated list in a few months on new, worthy podcasts.

Feel free to send me your audio tips, I’m interested!