Everyone is talking about the swine flu these days. This morning they announced another 7 affected people in Ireland. Lucky enough epidemics like that make their way to the green Ireland not that fast. As i was feeling sick for the last 3 days i was a bit concerned that the whole “pig hype” is in me. At the moment it looks more like the “good old” flu that’s putting a serious break on my training schedule.

Before that i had a good start in the week. Did a nice hard workout on treadmill on Tuesday. Since ages a rendezvous with the “endless road”. I was running intervals with a 3.5 % gradient and 1.5 kg dumbbells. It was tough – but i really liked it. A good core workout combined with a speed session. I try to get more of those things in, as it is a good preparation for the 5 borough bridges.

Speaking of the big apple it’s just 14 weeks until the sound of the gun. I’m exited!

Hopefully I’m getting better fast. I change training now to “bed-ing” and try to sleep the virus away. This Monday is a bank holiday and i hope i get back on track to get some running in on the free day.

Next Saturday night is “Streets of Galway” Time. I need to be up to full power for that one!