I think I need to line out the pending season a bit. What do I have scheduled other then this Swim and Run thingy up there in Sweden?

Rome Marathon 23.03.2014 Yes. A marathon. On a street. On a cemented lane in a city. How conservative. How tedious. I’m exceedingly looking forward to struggle it out with a bunch of my best dudes on that trip to the Tiber.

♣ Hammer Trail Bornholm 03.05.2014 Yes. Meeting the noble lads up there in Denmark for some hammer trail jogging around the Island. Glad to get the chance to run this unique 50k race.

♣ Zegama Aizkorri Mendi Maratoia 25.05.2014 Yes. Again. This race deep down in the magic Basque county. If you read this blog frequently I do not have to write anything. I’m just stoked to go there again.

♣ Triathlon 78 Ingolstadt 01.06.2014 Yes. My 1st Swim-Bike-Run competition since approximately 5 years. For a reason. This will be a friendly Bromance battle with the boys. Goal is to finish fast and tick all the boxes when it comes to the oldskool equipment and body hair. Expect the unexpected. 

♣ Engadin Swimrun 12.07.2014 Yes. I do miss some upper-body muscles. To look decent throughout the summer season I need to opt this swimming thing again. Fabse and I will be hitting Swiss beaches and mountain trails to get into shape for the biggie in the north.

♣ ÖTILLÖ 01.09.2014 Yes. I already wrote about this one. Nothing to add. Just pure stoke! 

♣ GFNY Italia 21.09.2014 Yes. And so YES! Finally in Europe. Ultimately in Terracina, Bella Italia. This one is a must. Cannot wait to get on the infamous Gran Fondo organized by my good friend Uli! 

♣ Pentland Skyline 12.10.2014 Yes. This contest is on my list for a quite a while. The hills around Edinburgh are just made for running. The “Skyline” features one of the finest routes around that area and is a picture-perfect reason to go up to Scotland for some hiking and friend visits.

I did not include the infrequent local competition. There will be more to follow. Again another season to look forward to. Some great journeys are lined up and some great goals are on the horizon and make training even more fun.