It didnt take Dr Alan Byrne long to find out what is wrong with my legs. The cause for the pressure in my legs is the Compartment syndrome. Compartment, what…?

Compartment syndrome is a medical term which refers to the compression of nerves, blood vessels and muscle inside a closed space (compartment) within the body. This leads to tissue death due to lack of oxygenation as the blood vessels are compressed by the raised pressure within the compartment. Compartment syndrome most commonly involves the forearm and lower leg. It can be divided into acute, subacute or chronic compartment syndrome. MORE…

First of all i am glad to know what causes the problem and second i would like to get rid of it now. Ill get scanned, hopefully, next week and then Alan decides on a operation or a therapie.

As the doctor of the FAI he is well experienced with the Compartment syndrome. He treated plenty of players, just a month ago Shamrock RoversGary Twigg. After the operation one have to rest between 4 to 6 weeks. It sounds good and makes me confident.

In the meantime it is still cycling and swimming.