my foot is getting better. the antibiotics are hardcore but effective. that 500mg thing written on the box frightens me a bit but it does the job. the foot is better and pain free. not swollen anymore either!

tonight ill test it with a little run. after that ill decide on the half-marathon in phoenix park tomorrow morning. it should be fine as i don’t have any problems walking around.

after three forced rest days i took my bike out for a spin yesterday evening. it was a beautiful sunset as you can see on the picture. i couldn’t really estimate the time the until the sun was setting completely. the last 1/2 hour i had to cycle in the complete darkness. on the irish back-roads not really without any risk as the roads are more like paths or pavés sometimes. i kept the “flanders spirit” going and rolled home safely without any incident.

cycling is just nice. im not on the bike that often anymore so i really enjoy a little spin here and there even more.