The end of the year is always a special period and a good mark to take a look back.

A lot happened in the last 12 months and i would like to take the chance to thank some of the people that made my life something special.

Please forgive me if i forgot someone – i will update the list accordingly 😉

Aberle Gang – Thanks for your great friendship and positivity.
Andreas and Brooks – Thanks for giving me this massive oportunity to wear all this wicked gear. Appreciate it with every single run!
Andy – Thanks for a truly great friendship. I already miss the discussions and the great humor.
Anja – Thanks for such a long, special and honest friendship and for making it possible to get to BA in style. You’re a star!
Aoife – Thanks for being “one of da lads”. You’re a great girl – Miss ya!
Bernardo – Thanks for all that trust and being such an exceptional host.
Bernd – Thanks for being the legend you are. There when needed.
Caroline – Thanks for all the spins and laugh.
Christian – Thanks for being the special friend!
Dolcie – Thanks for the great times and all the fun.
Depeche Mode – Thanks for having a tune for every mood.
Emilie – Thanks for your honesty and being such a lovely and worring friend.
Eugene – Thanks for always beeing there when i needed help. You saved my life last christmas!
Fabse – Cheers for all the stupid comments and the good chats and times.
Feidhlim – Thanks for all the runs, fun and good chats. You are missed. Exactly, like eh!
Fernando – Thanks for all the training and the talks.
Flo – Thanks for making me smile every time i think about you – now even with white teeth.
Günther – Thanks for a great friendship and all the fun memories we share.
Ian – Thanks for making my times in Africa something unforgettable and truly special.
Jay – Thanks for all the advise and the pure honesty. I appreciate your style.
Jessica – Thanks for sticking in.
Jochen and Running Magazine – Thanks for giving me the opportunity to write all that running related nonsense.
Johannes – Thanks for being a special person and for your great support.
Jorge – Thanks for making my stay in South-America a special gift. Not many people get the opportunity i got.
Ken – Thanks for all the honesty, support and help. My computer wouldn’t be the same without you.
Mark and Shamrock Rovers – Thanks for the relentless support and help. You made my time in Ireland something really special. London will never be forgotten. KOH!
Markus – Thanks for beeing yourself. Whatever, whenever – MK stays MK!
Martin – Thanks for all your “positive attitude” and the great friendship.
Matt – Thanks for being a one-of-a-kind colleague and friend. Its getting really boring here between 12 and 14 o’clock.
Mia – Thanks for being such a great girl. You rock – I’m extremely proud of you!
Michael – Thanks for making the impossible possible. I will never forget that favour!
Moni – Thanks for such a long and special friendship. I am proud of what we share – it never gets old!
Percy – Thanks for all the positivity and the great moments we share. It is always special no matter where…
Philip – Thanks for a friendship that never looses the vibe. You’re the man!
Phillipp T. – Thanks for all the fun moments and the vibe we shared.
Rene – Thanks for guiding me through another tough marathon preperation.
Rob and Ais – Thanks for all the help and the great hospitality. I miss the rides and the runs!
Rudi A – Thanks for being yourself.
Rudi B – Thanks for always staying in touch and getting things organized.
Sandra – Thanks for minding Philip and being such a wicked friend!
Seb – Thanks for all those great years and the ones to come. Finally watching the “old firm” was another highlight amongst so many others.
Shane – Thanks for all the great moments and a friendship that has developed to something special.
Simone – Thanks for all the positive energy and the way you fought through you’re sickness. Positive thinking is one thing, but executing it is the other. To say I’m extremely proud of you doesn’t hit the note!
The Fitzgerald Gang – My irish family! Hope you don’t miss your 3rd son Siobhan! Thanks for all the trust and openness.
Timo – Thanks for walking your way. Im proud of you!
Tom – Thanks for the good talks and all you did for me. I will never forget.
Uli – Thanks for beeing a very special friend. Thanks for always having a solution and being there whenever i need help. Sicherlich forever!

Oma – Thanks for everything you do and did for me. You’re a great person!
Parents – Thanks for being there whenever i need you and excepting me the way i am. Nobody says it was easy.