So, after next week, the marathon quest she set for herself as a little girl begins in earnest. “We’re going to pony up to some real serious training,” she says of the goals being laid out by her coach, Jerry Schumacher. (By David Leon Moore)

The above article on Shalane Flanagan’s NYC preperation made me thinking. Is my marathon season 2010 over?

As i do not know what is wrong with both of my legs i am pretty unsure on the next (running) races.

I am signed up for the Berlin Marathon (90 days to go) as well as the New York City Marathon (132 days to go). The Berlin Marathon 2010 is already a write off for me. With the current time frame i wont get a good preperation done. As i am gearing towards the Big Apple for my yearly highlight i am unsure as well.

By now i should be getting serious base miles in, but i do not. I am still not running. Since may i have not ran a single meter and there is no progression with my injury. A recent pressure studies showed no unusual data. That still leaves me unsure for another while, without training and no date to start back training.

Swimming and cycling is the only (sporting) activity for me at the moment. But the muscular problems wont let me train properly on the bike either. Both legs are tight since months. A frustrating scenario.

The next step is an MRI scan that hopefully helps the doctors to find out what is wrong with me.

Swimming and cycling is fine but nothing beats the early morning run.