There is a gigantic package filled with fanzines in the very, very back of my attic. Somewhere. This box is overflowing with memorials.

I was fascinated with football fanzines – those naive, black-and-white, handmade ‘zines. The only way to get special information “back in the days” was to go and buy the magazines. To get a certain issue you essentially had to travel to one of the few shop’s that were selling or be at a certain bar or stadium. The other option was to send some cash to some address somewhere. Sometimes one received a envelope and sometimes don’t.

I was tempted to throw away my collection several times. Everytime I tried to I found myself, hours later, sitting on the floor reading 15 year old mag’s over and over again.

When I heard of Dom’s “It’s the limit” ‘zine I was instantly hooked and ordered a copy. I wont go into details with the topics. Visit his page. Pay the money. Wait for the envelope to arrive. Get yourself a drink. Enjoy the magic. The Fanzine culture hasn’t lost anything. Paired with running – it is just thrilling and the right medium at the right time. Say’s me. Writing a blog…