The resident scenery is remarkably mixt for a comparably small Islet. As we trek from San Sebastián towards Playa Santiago we observe the Punta de Juan Gaza from a craggy stone strand.
With 3.718 meter the Tenerife centred Teide peak is clearly visible from the local east coast.
Slogging around the Parque Nacional de Garajonay is something else. From antique stone paths to deep and dark woodlands you will find everything.
La Gomera is not famed for its bathing coastlines. Whereas they are not the easiest to approach they create a pure and raw beauty.
The 40 square kilometres of the Garajonay National Park do include so many attractions. Pretty hard to overlook are a range of colossal rock-pillars. The rocks are former volcanoes shaped by erosion.
Powerful evening light highlights the rock creations.
It is apparent that the isle was shaped by volcanic activities. Deep and lush vales wind the 59 square kilometre landmass.
A reliably striking sundowner just outside of San Sebastián de la Gomera. Catched during an evening run on the local trails.
With its 1,250 meter the pictorial Roque de Agando is often used as a symbol for the island.

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