Pacing hard – LC Hansa Stuhrs Sebastian Kohlwes crossed the finish line in 92nd place with a time of 2:32:24.
Norwegian Terje Olsen dashed the course in a time of 02:35:02. This was good enough for 4th place in the 45er age group.
Wide avenues – German runner Oliver Hoffmann ran a 1:07:46 Half-Marathon in Cologne at the start of the month. Last Sunday he averaged 3:24 min/km to finish the Frankfurt Marathon in a time of 02:22:56.
Britain’s Tracy Barlow was 9th women in a time of 02:32:05. She ran the first half in 01:14:50 and closed the competition with a 01:17:16 half marathon.
Paced by Kenyans Dickson Kurui and Joseph Dapal Italian runner Rene Cuneaz (left) went on to be 6th across the finish line running a new PB in a time of 02:15:32.
However 69 runners broke the 2:30 hours barrier, a mere of 1040 racers went below the magic 3 hours hurdle.
Between the 30 kilometre and 34 kilometre mark is the “Mainzer Landstrasse” which ultimately is a long straight stretch of motorway that leads the racers back into town. It is one of the “make or break” points of the course.
The course throughout Frankfurt is mainly pancake flat. This underbridge is considered a proper elevation gain.
However the course is a bit bendy through the first couple of kilometres, most of the competition is run on stretched and wide roads. A course made to run fast.
Early on in the race Marcus Schöfisch leads a steadfast collection.

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