Since I knew I was going to Hawaii the existing FKT for Manua-Kea got my full attention. I don’t want to go into too much detail on the development of the current FKT as it is described on the official website.

Jorge Maravilla was the record holder and he is definitely not known as a slow runner. Anyway. Fabian and I craved to give the up-to-date time a proper shot.

The problem with this run is pretty evident. Most if the accommodation on the Big Island is at sea level. To run the Manua-Kea on the current route you have to start at the “Mauna Kea Visitor Information Station” of the National park, which is located at around 9,000-foot level on the Mauna Kea access road.

We began around mid-day and gradually made our way up the steep serpentines. Shortly after the 6,5 mile mark the altitude was too much for me. The dizziness was too crazy for me and I let Fabian go as he felt stronger. He pulled away quickly on the last paved part of the road. I met him just about 300 meters before the turnaround on the 14,000-foot summit of Mauna Kea.

As a good downhiller I thought I could catch him on the downhill part to finish the route with a new FKT together. Straight on the first part of the down-run I did not feel well. My back, still sore from a little surf crash earlier in the week, did not really loosen up and so it was a painful and long downhill.

I met Fabian after 3:06:something in the park lot of the Mauna Kea Visitor Information Station. He did not look too good but had a huge smile in his face when pointing at his watch. 2:49:03 – new FKT for Mauna Kea. Well-done bro!

Pre-FKT Posing
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