Roth Memories are the best memories.

Roth, that little poxy place down south Germany is the Triathlon Mekka in Europe. No race pulls bigger and louder crowds than the granddaddy of Ironman Distance Triathlon in Europe.

There is no reason to miss that race and as i was over in Germany on the same weekend i just rested up for 2 hours after my friends wedding and made the trip to Franken with my buddys Rudi and Hannes.

A remarkable day was the outcome which saw our pal Sebi finishing yet again in 2nd place. Losing out to an athlete in his prime – Andreas Raelert. Yet another time, big up to Sebi and big up to Roth. Two legends!

Picture courtesy of Rudi Appel – Me and my beloved Harambee Stars shirt, the trustworthy Richard Virenque Peugeot Replica and some local supporters signage.