Brad Duffy, an Australian physiologist and professional skier, had a self-sacrificing trigger. He wanted to ski all day and party all night – day after day. Ambitious. To realise his vision he was eyeing for enhanced blood flow that should supply more oxygen to his muscles, helping them to work harder and recover quicker. He made some investigations and two years later he launched his brand called SKINS in 1998. Soon after Duffy launched his clothing range Pro athletes began using the produces to improve power, speed, strengths and recovery.

Compression was the fairy-tale expression that SKINS transported to the market. Now a household vocabulary with proven benefits in a wide range of sports, it used to be a debated conversation topic amongst athletes, coaches and manufacturers. As SKINS CEO Jaimie Fuller pointed out that his corporation essentially “…created a category!” I was more then keen to get my hands, well, my scraggy legs hooked on one of their up-to-date making, the A200 Men’s Thermal Compression Long Tights.

Uniting the well-known compression technology with thermal assets – SKINS A200 Thermal Compression Long Tights
Cleverly placed seams act as ‘anchor points’ offering attentive support and stability.
SKINS names the used material “A200 thermal”. The innovative fabrics sense exceptionally comfortable on the skin although it makes sure that there will be no overheating. A problematic I came across with other winter running tights. This is a vital part of such a trouser, which SKINS deciphered pretty well.
Stylish and functional long tights!
Different to most of the other models, the SKINS A200 tight does not have a hip strap. For myself I had no delinquent situation as the comfy density of the tights offers a comfortable and stress-free fitting.
Notwithstanding the full leg compression, the tights offer a stretchy movement while running. The fabric is a mixture of Polyamind and Elastane, which combines high pulling and abrasion resistance with breathability.
Not only running! I had great pleasure using the tights while XC skiing and on hiking excursions throughout the cold period of the year.
Indispensable standard feature – a in-tight pocket for money and keys!
The brushed interior helps to release heat back to your body providing you a thermal advantage in cooler temperatures.

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