While stylish, smart and high-class outfits are pretty much wide spread around the cycling world, goods that are aimed to fill that exclusive niche are not the norm in the running business. The keen chaps from Rezlo want to please these desires and have a small but thought-out assortment of running clothing on offer.
Made in USA – Although Rezlo get their fabrics from around the world, the shirts and shorts are man-made in sunshiny Miami, Florida.
I had the chance to exam chunks of their up-to-date collection through my everyday training. Pictured is the Euclid shorts and the Dromos singlet. The name refers to a public road in the Roman Empire.
As I was training in the warm temperatures that the sun-drenched La Gomera Island offers, I became an admirer of the Dromos singlet. The micro-mesh material offers a light and breathable running shirt.
Fairly often I have some struggles with the cut of running tops. It appears that the cut is not intended to benefit thin runners and some shirts that might come in with the suitable size are too short or to loose-fitting. The measurements of the Dromos appear to fit perfectly for me – a comfortable slim fit with the accurate length.
The polite detail that can be found on each Rezlo product is a topographic map. It symbolised each runner’s very personal challenge. It is the route that a athlete has completed, but also the one that lies ahead.
My personal favourite is the Gradian Jersey. 100% Australian Merino wool generates a fine looking but more essentially a very comfortable running top. Almost to good to drench it in body moisture.
Merino has become one of my preferred base layer fabrics. The breathable and soft Gradian Jersey fits right in this scene and is completed with the brand typical details.
Similar to the singlet the sizing of the top is just perfect. With its characteristic collar design it surely stands out.
A detail photograph that highlights the collar zipper of the shirt.
The Gradian Jersey strikes me with its timeless look and unquestionably makes this shirt a elegant and unique piece of lightweight running gear.
Rezlo’s Euclid 4.5” running short is another simple and stylish part of the product range.
The Euclid short features a nice mixture of well thought out petite pouches. The position and the dimensions are great for a gel and keys. Once they are full they are not in the way of the stride.
Although the fabrics and the cut of the short feels blameless throughout the run it can be scorching and gluey as it is not breathable. I enjoyed the shorts more whilst running it in cooler temperatures. Personally I think the colour range does certainly sticks out to other brands and fulfils  the unique look that Rezlo offers.

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