An essential part of SwimRun racing – Hand Paddles. While they are meant to help swimmers with swim specific strength training throughout pool workouts, SwimRunners use them to swim more efficent over longer distances and eventually work against the additional drag of shoes or race bibs. Racepaddle is Swedish brand that manufactures ultralight carbonfibre paddles specifically designed for SwimRun racing. 
Compared to regular plastic hand paddles, Racepaddles are extremely thin. They also feel a bit different as they create a feeling that could be describes as “slippery”. After a short while you get used to this feeling and there is no difference to regular paddles when it comes to the feeling in the water. What you will definitely feel is the difference in lightness as the paddles are beautifully light with 140 grams. While moving the arm through the water you will feel the difference after longer swims and races. 
Along with strength and lightweight properties, the benefits of carbon fiber and its composites include: A unique and distinct appearance that’s nearly impossible to replicate. Excellent strength to weight ratio, compared to other materials. 
No holes – Another feature that makes these paddles special is the non existence of holes. Again, a feature that should be unusual for swimmers. I found it to be without any problem and it does not change the grip of the paddles. 
The pictures model is the size L version. Other Sizes are S and M. 
Ötillö 2017 3rd placed team Oscar Olsson and Martin Flinta used the paddles at this years SwimRun Worldchampionchips. Just recently Oscar stated: “When it comes to paddles I’m using a new awesome brand, called Race Paddle that are carbon fiber and super light. They are also the strongest paddles I ever used. When doing a lot of exits in tough terrain you want gear that does not break. “
A unique sport asks for unique products. Racepaddle delivers a product that is a perfect partner for SwimRun races. The material is super durable and tough water exits and entrances are no problem. Carbon seems to be the perfect material for the field of play. 

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