A couple of weeks ago I received a parcel. Once I raised it, I wasn’t precisely sure what’s going to be inside. It was way to light for shoes and it was to light for kit. At least that’s what I presumed. I opened the carton and besides some paperwork I found La Sportiva‘s Cirrus 3/4 Tight and the Scirocco jacket. While unpacking further I couldn’t believe the weightiness of the equipment. Immediately I decided to take the gear for a nippy spin. In the following weeks I continued to use the tight and the jacket extensively while exercising on midwinter streets and ice-cold trails.

For some reason I’m a vast admirer of 3/4 tights while working out. It still gives you a touch for the conditions but shelters one of the most vital body fragments for running – the knees. Instantaneously the Cirrus felt diverse because of the light sensitivity. 136 grams are not that heavy. The smooth structure felt good but a bit unusual. Stretch textiles gave a pleasant anatomical fitting with a light firmness sensation spread around my thighs. The striding effort felt light and the motion did not get distracted whatsoever. Even through colder runs I never had a icy emotion thanks to the body mapped padding and the well positioned ventilation zones.

A bizarre, because unfamiliar, gimmick is the missing elastic band. La Sportiva didn’t use a band or any fixation on this model. I wasn’t too sure what is going to happen while running round the trails with my phone and keys in the (roomy) center back zip pocket. Nothing happened, would be the firm reaction on all the concern I had before the runs. Without being too close-fitting the Cirrus makes its job and stays where it belongs. A remarkable jogging 3/4 trousers!

Similar with the Scirocco wind jacket. 184 grams are particularly lightweight and sense like all these grams won’t be able to give good shelter against wind and light rain. While feeling a bit fragile first, the jacket delivers a prodigious impression as its high standard fabrics give you a very reliable feeling straight from the start. This continues during action. It’s rare that a jacket is that well cut. The fit is faultless. The length, the sleeves and the body fit work. Full stop.

The impression of the jacket is distinct and this emotion lasts. Very well made specifics can be found on the stow pockets and the zippers. My personal highlight was the microfiber lined hood and sleeves.

Another La Sportiva piece that doesn’t disappoint during the daily routine. These Italians know how to make Trail- Couture.