Undeniably 110 grams are not much when it comes to clothing. It feels kind of bizarre to lift a petite bag, unfold it and discover a proper rain jacket. The utter weightlessness thoroughly fascinates. Berghaus, England’s pioneering outdoor driving force surely raises eyebrows with their state-of-the-art raincoat – the Hyper 100 Extrem. 
Apparently there is no other 3rd layer jacket on the market that beats the Hyper 100 when it comes to weight. The ultra-lightweight rain cover was developed as a steadfast companion during mountainous excursions. It’s ultramodern accuracy seaming and pattern-cutting style make it extraordinary. 
Minimalist will love this jacket. I undoubtedly like the humble, well-organized and effective style. The well-thought-out design makes sure that the lowest weight is accomplished. Just what I treasure on such a demanding piece of gear. No thrills! 
Berghaus’ engineers used the widely recognised Hydroshell Elite Pro fabrics to stitch something really special. Although rain covers can get a bit sticky during running sessions, the durable Hydroshell material stays extremely breathable (…no sweatbox effect!) whereas still being fully and rightly water-resistant. Additionally the main body is kept seamless. A well cut one piece panel protects against whatever weather you face and makes up for a comfy, non-bulky, feeling. 
Despite the fact that the Hyper 100 Extrem jacket is more expensive than other running rain jackets, it is difficult to find a comparable product that features the equal waterproof and light abilities. 
With this pioneering and product Berghaus created an own category. Without doubt it is no surprise that the company won a Gold award in the 3-layer outer category at the 2016 OutDoor show and topped it up with a victory at the 2017 ISPO. 
The hood of a rain jacket is an essential part.  The Hyper 100 Extrem features a well-shaped solidified peak that makes for great rain protection and still has enough space to wear a cap under it. 
In the course of numerous training excursions the jacket was stowed in my running shorts. Drawn-out off-trail, forest runs and scrambles did not worry the Hyper 100 Extrem and I am more than stunned by the robustness of the material despite some close encounters trees and rocks. By now I use the jacket on several occasions as it can be used as an alternative softshell layer. 
Inside look – I love the attention to detail when it comes to the isolated sewing on the inside. Proper quality!
Feedback from the ones that know – Berghaus’ elite MtnHaus design squad assisted to shape this incredible piece of mountain gear that will be loved not only by geeky outdoor weight watchers.