Simple and hence useful kit amazes me. A standard plastic sack used to assist me fine while cycling or running. Several coins, a few notes and the vital cards required a waterproof home-base.

Some weeks ago I got a parcel from Bellroy with their latest creation the “Element Sleeve”. The mighty extravaganza about the super-slim leather case is that there are no actual extravaganzas. The diminutive skinny envelope just works and does what it supposed to do – stock and secure the nitty-gritties.

Currently I use the Element Sleeve during my daily training routine. Having all my needs efficiently stored away in the small pockets of my running or cycling shorts, it is just too pleasant to stop using it. With the water resilient leather there is no way that sweat, mud or rain gets close to your needs – Thoroughly functional and pretty smart.

To give it an extra protections during rough mountain-bike trips, I used some shoe laces and two pins. I used one on the upper side of the Element Sleeve and tucked the other one neatly on my bike-jersey.

10cm x 7.4cm of stylish pleasure.
Can hold up to 6 cards.
My usual setup: 4 cards, 1 key, 20 euro worth of notes.
Don’t mind the water. The Sleeve doesnt too…