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Big tings a gwan

Some transformations in the last few weeks do ask for a little wrap up.

My casual traveling extravaganza has come to an end and I’m back in the business world. After more then a year off work I was looking forward to new perspectives and challenges. They came faster then I thought and so I’m back in Germany with a exciting new job and field of work.

This way! (Patagonia Run, Argentina 2012)

As this blog is clearly not about me working I head straight to the running side of things. Back to work-life also means that I’m back to an organized day. The last few months without work I felt I was going nowhere with my training. The racing outcome didn’t really pay into play and just showed my state of training. I felt it hard to motivate myself and to get a structured training in place. I did loads of sessions but nothing long or hard. It was just pure blur.

Lucky enough that has changed. Since I got back to work also my training improved notably. It seems that I need this little amount of time that a full working day offers me to kick my ass. I know precisely how much time I have on hand and I need to use it wisely. In addition to my newfound running stimulus I also started to get back on the track. Checking back into the training logs I always felt strong when I was hitting regular workouts on the track. Even now with mostly uphill running I can see an improvement in my form. I need the direct response of a track session for my body but mostly for my mind.

As it is official now, I will be competing in the Transalpine Run with Hendrik from the 31st of August until the 7th September. Brooks thankfully gave us the chance to represent the company at this iconic stage race through the alps. It pretty much is the climax of my 2013 season. Brooks also set up a lovely blog on their official website. Check it out HERE. Hendrik and I will be blogging there regular in german. We also have some great equipment lined up which we going to present there in the next few weeks. Eventful days after a busy working days. Love it!

To keep things tight and nasty I committed to some more races. I’m pretty stoked with what I have on the plate this year. To know I can compete in the following competitions fires me up in training and gets me out there to do the work.
Schneekopflauf – Classic German mountain race in the picturesque Thuringian forest area in the east of Germany. Organized by the same guys that set up the celebrated Rennsteiglauf, one of the oldest races in Germany and probably one of the oldest ultra trail races.
Dolomites Skyrace – Heading down to striking Canazei I will be facing my second skyrace this year. This course has everything it needs to be a honest and hard race.
Sierre-Zinal – I’m so glad I get the chance to show up in Zinal for this classic mountain race. Since years I read all the stories and follow the race closely. Now I will be toeing the start line. This is going to be a cracker. A tough one, though.
Matterhorn Ultraks – Haven’t decided a hundred percent on that but I’m pretty keen on having a go at this one. Sounds like some proper mountain running but I need to listen to the legs as it is a bit close to the Transalpine.
Enough to do in the next couple of weeks. I’m certainly looking forward to racing hard.

Tune of the day: RA.369 Sven Väth Just a great selection from a class dude. The older i get the more i love this man. Another classic mix that is on rewind in my stereo. Papa Sven also knows how to wind things down. Amazing! 

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