decent jogging today in the belfast marathon. as written earlier on i was lucky (?) enough to run 3 stages in the relay competition.

the race started of at the city hall and made its way out of the city. i paced my colleague on the first 6 miles. he was running for a team and i was starting off for another. it was his first running experience. we went out easy and he did a class job on his first run.

the second leg was interesting as the route went through the famous falls and shankill roads. the 3,8 miles were flying by and i reached the 2nd changeover point quickly.

i met some colleagues but had to wait pretty long for the next runner of my 3rd team. eventually she came along after 30 minutes and i carried on. 7.1 miles was the 3rd stage and it was a pretty tough one as it went uphill for 70%. it was the toughest part of the course. the waiting cooled me down so i started of fast to get a bit of heat back into my “machine”. i really liked the hilly route so i tried to hold that speed. i cruised through the field and handed over to another runner just a couple of minutes later.

after that the route was just flat back into town and to the finish line. we drove that way with the bus.

nice event up there. the relay was fun. a good workout for me.