On the other hand swimming and biking miles give the impression to bank up reckless and stress-free, the jogging side of training seems to be challenging. I’m back with a bit of organised moving since about two weeks. Seven weeks ago I took a full pause after the last competition of the 2015 season – The Koster SwimRun. Since then exercise started sluggish with a virtuous bit of technical emphasis in swimming and some heroic nightly excursions through the local single trail bushlands with the mountain bike.

As I did not spend too much time running, this weekend was about to alter just that. I spend some days around the black forest region with friends. Saturday and Sunday I banked some pretty impressive back-to-back long jogs. To be exact. Not my present form was remarkable, it was more the extraordinary and unexpected snowstorm that caught me while jogging round the Hornisgrinde (1,164 m – 3,820 ft) top. However the winds brought a lot of snowfall, I grinded the trails and off-trail passageways to the very best. Result of that freezing jog was an imposing time round this stunning part of southern Germany.

The snowstorm sheltered almost everything and Sunday called for an additional long one in deep fresh unscathed powder. Simply wonderful!

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