It is not only about going maximum with the Hoka One One chaps. Furthermore than being lightweight (165 gram!), the newest Tracer bids the famed Hoka One One pillow to a shoe that has the attitude of a lightweight training shoe, possibly also the one of a road racing flat. Now we are talking business.

As the look blends perfectly into the Hoka One One scheme, the sole of this modell doesn’t. With its comparably low stack height of 17 mm forefoot and 21 mm at the heel (we are talking an offset of 4 mm…) the alteration to the other models is apparent.

With its approach to less cushioning and more dynamic while not loosing the typical bounce and the celebrated comfort level the Hoka One One Tracer could be a interesting introduction for runners to the companies approach towards running shoes. Fans of the brand have a proper minimal shoe to race and train with.

All pictures above (C) Runssel

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