the weather is still nice and dry. the weather forecasts for sunday are a bit mixed up. it wont rain for the start – thats good!

went again to “Tavern on the Green” for the Press Conference with Cheriyout, Ramaala, Kwambai, Makau… Good fun again (pics HERE). I also met a idol of my youth – Pat LaFontaine. NHL Superstar. A very nice guy. was chating to him about german icehockey and german NHL players – good talk. He is running the marathon aswell to raise money for some charity.

evening saw an easy run around central park. the place is so jammed. unbelievable. running for hours around the place and just looking at the crowd would be no problem these days. so funny. but eventually it is “only” taper time. tomorrow we’ll take it extremelly easy to tune up the legs for “super sunday

Good night.

tune of the dayA Flock of Seagulls – Telecommunication