Watching the competition. 
Approaching just another small settlement in the la vallée du Rhin. 
Over the bridge – First signs of French territory. 
Charming riding along the Rhine channel.  
Calm waters – Clouds are covering a windy rhine river. 
Coffe and cake – café et gâteaux 
I drove along that avenue.

As the drizzly rainfall gets drizzlier I enter the first long climb in the Vosges mountains.  
Simply beautiful. Beautifully simple – Département Vosges

Must do – the distinctive cockpit shot. 

Tarmac wave riding. 

Leaving for the mountain top. 

As I rode my bike into the Vosges I was already drenched. Starting in the long and windy flats of the German and French part of the Rhine plain I was dreadfully looking forward to some quality vertical.

I opened my wet soaked jacket and felt the crispy rain. The battery of my iPod just died a couple of minutes ago and I now can listen to the sweet loneliness of the French mountain roads.

The rain does not stop but I don’t care. The roads are rough and bumpy but I still roll. Joyfully.

Someone said the fun stops after 100k on your own. I opt for the opposite.

My breaks do not really break anymore. Finally I stop in front of my friend’s house.

Gazing at the watch I spend the entire day riding. Listen to the heart it feels like I just finished a two weeks holiday. Merrily.

Tune of the day: Ben Howard BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge Special