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VIDEO: From Flemingsberg to Handen

It has been a while. And it did not take me long to rekindle my love for proper trail running.

A great day out on the Sörmlandsleden. A 1.000 kilometer hiking trail that hits the south of greater Stockholm. Saturday saw some remarkable Trail Jogging with the lads (Strava evidence)

We went all the way from Flemingsberg till Handen. Fellow jogger and talented videographer Otto Norin visually summed it up.

You gotta love some off-road jogging.

Tune of the day: The Deli – Sunflowers

shoeporn: Nike – VaporFly 4% Flyknit

shoeporn: Skechers – GOmeb Razor 2

Skechers - GO MEB RAZOR 2 run running race review test marathon road running

Steadily Skechers is climbing up the performance oriented side of the shoe business. While general sales seem to come easy for the US giant, the “serious” running segment seemed to be just a nice side business. A couple of years ago i had the chance to test one of their first Meb Keflezighi inspired products. A lot has happened since then.

Skechers - GO MEB RAZOR 2 run running race review test marathon road running

While Skechers maintain their trademark look, the real beauty lies in the detail of the latest GO MEB Razor 2.

Skechers - GO MEB RAZOR 2 run running race review test marathon road running

The knitted upper does not only look good. While it allows a nice air circulation it guarantees a nice and firm fit.

Skechers - GO MEB RAZOR 2 run running race review test marathon road running

The 2nd version of the Razor comes with a great the 4mm drop and a 18mm heel and a 14mm forefoot height. A welcoming feature that makes this shoe not only a fast training shoe but also an option for longer races.

Skechers - GO MEB RAZOR 2 run running race review test marathon road running

A no-thrills road running sole. I used this shoe on plenty of occasions. As the material is pretty soft it does handle dry trails well but feels home on the road.

Skechers - GO MEB RAZOR 2 run running race review test marathon road running

Some sole details.

Skechers - GO MEB RAZOR 2 run running race review test marathon road running

I liked the aggresive red color way of the Razor 2.

Skechers - GO MEB RAZOR 2 run running race review test marathon road running

The heart of the Razor 2 is an ultra-lightweight, and pretty responsive cushioning midsole. It provides enough comfort without loosing that direct feeling. I found it to be pretty helpful during long runs.

Skechers - GO MEB RAZOR 2 run running race review test marathon road running

Sharp and fast – Style points are earned with the GOmeb Razor 2 and the flashy white midsole that works with M-Strike technology to provide a smooth and springy underfoot ride.

Skechers - GO MEB RAZOR 2 run running race review test marathon road running

A nicely molded heel counter secures a stable and proper fit.

Skechers - GO MEB RAZOR 2 run running race review test marathon road running

Meb Keflezighi and Kara Goucher were amongst the first athletes Skechers signed a couple of years ago. This created a big uproar in the running scene. Looking back it was a wise move to secure the knowledge and dedication of a guy like Meb Keflezighi.

Skechers - GO MEB RAZOR 2 run running race review test marathon road running

Frontend – a proper toe-box. At least room enough for my wide feet.

Skechers - GO MEB RAZOR 2 run running race review test marathon road running

If you are on a budget and still want a proper running shoe, the Razor 2 is for you. Super quality and a shoe that is worth it money. Currently you can snatch a mop dell for less than a 100 EUR. Well invested cash.

Skechers - GO MEB RAZOR 2 run running race review test marathon road running

Responsive cushioning in a lightweight package – All in all, the second version of the Razor is a proper racing and tempo shoe. It’s comfortable, rides really smoothly and goes quick without being too punishing.

Tune of the day: Joey Purp – Girls @ feat. Chance the Rapper

X P3 Soul: Nas

From Island to Island. Again.

Last Monday i raced my fifth Ötillö. One might think it’ll get boring. It does not.

To put everything in words what happened will take a bit. Pictures do tell the story. At least a bit.

Henrik Kindgren followed YO, Daniel and myself along the course and took some amazing snaps. Enjoy.

Tune of the day: Uncle Murda, 50 Cent, 6ix9ine, Casanova – Get The Strap

shoeporn: Nike – Jordan Zoom Tenacity 88

In Pictures: Långlöparnas Kväll

Tune of the day: Larroux – Sway

shoeporn:Nike – Pegasus 35

In Pictures: Långholmen SwimRun

SwimRun racing across Inner-Stockholm? Do not look further than Långholmen SwimRun!

Shoeporn: New Balance – 890 V6

I can not really remember how long ago i started running. But i can still remember the purchase of one of my first running shoes. Back at the time i was searching for a reliable allrounder. I ended up buying the 890 from New Balance. This shoe lastet forever. Once it gave up it was a no-brainer for me to buy another pair. NB discontinued this model series a couple of years ago. Now they came back with 6th edition of this vastly popular shoe.
Design wise the latest 890 is a keeper. The upper and the colourways (pictured is White Munsell with Black and Hi-Lite) create a nice and clean looking piece of running equipment. After years of questionable design approaches, New Balance seemed to have finally found a nice and unique design approach.
At first the 890 felt a bit stiff. This changed after 2-3 runs. Nowadays it is my daily go-to trainer that caters my daily work commute runs and longer tempo runs.
I like that NB stays true to their rich running history. The brand hails from the running crazy Boston-area and never forgot that it was the vibrant running scene that helped them to become the brand they are today. In the 1970s, Greater Boston saw an explosion of runners in the area, a trend that drastically boosted business. Since their original Trackster had branded New Balance sneakers as the only running shoe, the company ran ad campaigns to follow suit. They stood firm in their belief that the most important part of a running shoe was the fit and comfort, a value that customers loved then and now.
Unique podular structure maintains notion of full ground contact geometries, preserving the purity of the originally coveted 890 ride.
The blue pattern on the outsole not only sticks out with its color, it also provides great stability in the mid foot area. Something i really felt and enjoyed. Usually im not a big fan of stabilization but this feature certainly is likable.
The sole design is a classic one that helps runners while running on the street. While the appearance might be a bit stiff, i like the direct feeling when hitting the ground.
New Balance was founded in 1906 by English born William J. Riley. The companies main focus was orthopedic products and specializing in arch supports. In 1934 William Riley joined with Arthur Hall, who sold supports to people that had jobs on their feet all day, for example police officers.
With its 6th version, the 890 might be the longest build running shoe in NB’s portfolio.
Running in the latest 890 now for several weeks, im happy that New Balance continued with this model series. For me, it is an absolute no-brainer and a shoe that caters so many aspects while road running.

Tune of the day: CeCile – Hot Like We

On point with Fredrik Axegård

Fredrik Axegård is no stranger to Swimrun podiums. Hailing from Bromma, a borough in the western part of Stockholm, the former swimmer is well-known throughout the scene. More than a few Ötillö Top-10 placings throughout the years paired with his compassionate and fair-minded racing mentality made him a widely respected and liked competitor. Last season Fredrik notched a 3rd place at Utö, won the mixed category at the Stockholm Swimrun, collected the Isles of Scilly title and placed 5th in the world champs as well as Ångaloppet. After leading big parts of last weekend’s season opener in Hvar, I caught up with him to talk about the race and plans for this season.

Striding out to a 2nd place finish at ÖTILLÖ Hvar (Picture: Pierre Mangez for ÖTILLÖ)

RUNssel: The ÖTILLÖ World Series course around the Croatian island of Hvar is known for its long and challenging swim segments. Although last year the sea was bumpy and difficult to swim, it seemed that conditions were close to perfect this year. As a strong swimmer it was no surprise that you guys dictated the pace straight from the start. How did the battle unfold for you? When and how did you lost the lead?
Fredrik: We took the lead from in the second swim and kept it until the small islands a few hours in the race. At this time we were three teams battling in front up until the two steep climbs. Team Garmin was really strong there and gained a few minutes on us. I was surprised when we ran/walked past Team Envol on the long run section after the ascents. We got some extra power and held the second place for the last two hours or so. Peter and I felt quite strong all the way. Particularly on the swims of course.

Fredrik leading Daniel Hanson out of the water at the 2017 Utö Swimrun (Picture: Jakob Edholm for ÖTILLÖ)

RUNssel: You mention your partner, fellow Swede Peter Aronsson. This is not your normal teammate. How did that partnership come about?
Fredrik: Peter and I used to compete against each other. This is a very long time ago, though. Both of us were breaststrokers and born in 1977. These days we train and hang out with other Swimrunners at lunch time at Eriksdalsbadet (Edit: Sweden’s major swim center in Stockholm). Once my regular partner, Alex Flores couldn’t come to Hvar I asked Peter if he was interested. I know he is a talent and since I was struggling with my Achilles I thought it could be a nice and relaxed start into the season. But the closer we came to racing day, the higher did we aim. I think it´s my “tävlingsdjävul” (Edit: Competitiveness). I believed we had a realistic chance to make the podium. The question was if we could hold a fast steady pace in the running sections. Peter didn´t train running since the ÖtillÖ World Champs last September till January. The top teams train significantly more. But he is a talent, no doubt about that!

Who said the 2nd place is the first looser? (Picture: Pierre Mangez for ÖTILLÖ)

RUNssel: The long and frosty Swedish winter time did not give the chance to get any Swimrun specific training in I guess. How did you train throughout the winter and how did you guys get ready for such an early race?
Fredrik: I got married in September, three weeks after ÖtillÖ and we went on our honey moon shortly after that. I also had to take some time off mentally. At the same time I had decided to get fully healthy with both worn-out Achilles’. I was struggling with this issue the last two years. I got well in February and I didn´t run much at all until then. But I swam a lot from November onwards. Round about 4 times a week. From February on I ran 3-4 times a week and did regular strength training 2-3 times a week.

Fredrik and Peter after a long swim section at ÖTILLÖ Hvar (Picture: Pierre Mangez for ÖTILLÖ)

RUNssel: What equipment did you use during the ÖTILLÖ Hvar Swimrun?
Fredrik: I used the new excellent Ark swimsuit, Seal calves, Strokemakers paddles, Head diamond goggles and the Head Swimrun top.

RUNssel: Which other competitions are on the schedule for this year?
Fredrik: I´m doing Utö Swimrun with my partner in crime Alex Flores, Scilly with Stefano Prestinoni, 2XU Island Challenge with Kenny Meijer, LED with Alex Flores, Ångaloppet with Henrik Wahlberg and finally ÖtillÖ with Alex. This is the main goal this season. Perhaps some more competitions between the ones I have listed.

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