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The New York Times

On November the 3rd I ran the 49th edition of the New York City Marathon. In the past few weeks I deleted quite a few race report attempts about my recent endeavor. As this late update pretty much gives away, it took me some time and some frustrating attempts to come straight with my performance. Reflection is an important part of life. During the years this chunk of inter-web space has given me plenty of room for exactly this. This is going to be my last try to sum up my experience in the five boroughs and it will hopefully cut this experience straight for me. Finally. I might delete it later… 

Joggers; I monkey flip ’em with the funky rhythm I be kickin’


Looking back throughout my training back-catalog (My Strava Profile), I dedicated plenty of quality hours into my 2nd race throughout the five boroughs. Once I was officially signed up (read previous Post), I felt the urgent need to get some outside assistance. A fixed multi week training plan turned always out to be a way to big burden on me and resulted into a lack of motivation or (worst case) overtraining. The pressure of fulfilling a certain laid out  regime took away the beauty and freedom of training for me. But I also do realize the benefits of structured and scheduled training. A training plans and professional guidance does undoubtedly help. 

I was craving for something more loose yet honest and challenging. Albeit being pretty unsuccessful training my very self, I always enjoyed training others or discussing training. When I thought about a good and valuable solution my friend and training partner Sanna was the first person I thought off. Her positive answer to my question did not take long and I was pretty happy when she decided to help me with my training leading up to the race. The partnership turned out to be a lot of fun. Well, the weekly subscriptions weren’t that easy but all the tasks I had to fulfill helped me to gain new fitness heights and, more importantly, a lot of confidence towards my ability. I owe her a lot and she proofed that she knows what she is doing and how to adjust a schedule towards my circumstances. THANKS! 

I’m suited up in street clothes, hand me a 9 and I’ll defeat foes

Looking back through the last months of training, Im pretty proud of all the hard and steady work that I was able to produce. Juggling family life and a busy work period was not easy but it seemed that the daily training stimulus helped me with whatever life threw at me and created a lot of positive overall energy. As said, with the steady gain of fitness, I also gained a lot of confidence towards a successful outcome. 

Reaching goals is an important task in training and running in general. 2:48 was the goal Sanna  and I agreed on. Judging by the workouts, this was realistic. 


With a three year old son in kindergarten and public transport as a major form of commute, not getting sick seemed to have been the major focus from October onwards. I even organized myself a Japanese style mouth protection for the plane journey to NYC. All the bonus attention paid off and the brotherly GSP reunion with Fabian at JFK turned out to be a healthy one. It was 9 years ago that I was in New York (check) and the excitement of being in the big apple couldn’t have been higher. It is no secret that this place has a very special magic. This magic undoubtedly multiplies once marathon week comes around. Not only the New Yorkers would agree that this weeks brings out the very best of this splendid city. Late in the YMCA, we didn’t even bother unpacking and went straight for a shake out jog around a dark but hot and humid Central Park. Fabian immediately catched the vibe and it was so nice to witness his joy and appreciation. 

Leading towards race day we juggled relaxation and sightseeing quite successfully. The city is best explored by foot. But we both knew this and kept the walking to a minimum. We made sure to drink loads, enjoy good coffee and the vast variety of foods around the place. I did maybe a bit too much. But more on that later on. 

Niggas be runnin’ through the block shootin’

Once the alarm clock rang on race day morning, we had no problem getting out of bed. Pre-race nerves combined with the jet lag-supported early wake up did not cause trouble. Once we arrived at the bus departure in midtown it was smooth sailing. The race logistics are extremely smooth for an operation of this size (think about 50.000 people traveling…) and the journey out of town towards Staten Island was smooth. We arrived at the massive athlete area on the western end of Verrazano-Narrows Bridge on Staten Island. Weather was crispy cold but sunny and relaxed in our sleeping bags and enjoyed this very special atmosphere. 

Making a start-line fit and healthy is the most important thing. Rightly the announcer reminded everyone about this fact and Fabian and myself couldn’t agree more. 

“Bang!” – the race was on…


Surely everyone has seen the pictures of the spectacular start that leads runners across the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge from staten island into Brooklyn. We set off on a slight uphill, glimpsed to the left where Manhattans sky scrapers were clearly visible, wondered about the police helicopters that flew crazy close to the bridge and looked right as the elites flew by just about 500 meters into the race. This is it, the world biggest and certainly most spectacular road marathon out there. 

I quickly found my rhythm and was able to enjoy a nice steady traveling bunch of runners. We sailed through a pretty crowded and loud Brooklyn. The hardest part of this race is holding back. Not only because the first part is “easier” than the second, also because of the crowds. I do not really remember all the details about my last run in 2009 but the crowds this year were fantastic and plenty. 

In broad daylight, stick-up kids, they run up on us

Knowing my big problem of over-pacing I checked my times methodically. Looking at my splits early on in the race, this was quite successful and, still is, a pretty confidence booster, to see me running that even and well paced. Something I did struggle with in the past. 

Also something I struggled with in the past was race nutrition. I training for this early on in the training circle to get my stomach used to gels at race pace. It did work fine. But then kilometer 21 came and I took my first gel. Shortly after I chucked it, my stomach started to cramp up. I quickly stopped and tried to relax but shortly after I did so, It cramped up again. It got worse and worse. I was forced to start jogging and then I had to switch to running. The first aid station offered me salt water but that did not help. Disappointment set in but I was determine to finish this race. 

While jog-walking on First Avenue the temptation to step off the course and walk one of the cross streets towards central park was high. I don’t know exactly why, but I resisted. During this long walk I could not appreciate all the positivity, love and support that gets thrown at all the runners. There is a lot of prejudice on America, especially nowadays. But what the people of New York City bring out on race day is special and cannot be reproduces.  

Makin’ sure the cash came correct, then I stepped

In 2009 I barely remember anything after the Bronx. This time my memories are more font. Remincensing on all the positivity that this city and its people throw at you easily makes a grown up man emotional. Maybe this was the urge that was in myself. To experience exactly this. 

I struggled from aid station to aid station. My pain got worse and worse but the cheers seemed to be louder and louder. When I stopped at the mile 24 aid station in Central Park I was (finally) able to puke. I puked a lot and must have been passed for a little bit. Sheltered in a blanket I found myself sitting on a chair in the arms of a medical. After a while I decided to continue my hike to the finish line. Crossing the line was some sort of relief – An emotional one. 


The disappointment and frustration that this race brought for me was quite big. I have to be honest. As stated earlier on, it took me several attempts to write a report and to get motivated to go back out training again. Should something like this disappoint you that much? It’s just a race? These were questions I asked myself. 

After investing all these hours and making all this sacrifices I felt that I deserve better. 

Looking back I think it is OK to be frustrated and disappointed, otherwise serious training and racing doesn’t make sense. Yes, this sport is still a hobby. But everyone that does or has done endurance sports know that the activity gives one self more freedom and self satisfaction than frustrating. 

While it is a thin line that needs to be balanced and also a selfish activity that takes it toll, the thrown in miles and the hard training doesn’t guarantee for anything. UA once said: „What you do in the dark puts you in the light.“ True words, but there is plenty of light out there. Writing a report like this also makes me come into terms with what had happened and makes me realize my mistakes. 

The city never sleeps, full of villains and creeps

As written earlier on, the nutrition was a big one. Jet-leg tricked me into plenty of food and most likely the wrong one. While my incredible wife takes care of our food at home, the hunger and carelessness about my nutrition over in New York could have caused for this. I ate way too much and I ate the wrong stuff that I was not used to. I rarely appreciate the thought out diet we have at home as I never really have energy or stomach issues. I damaged my very personal Eco system with a good bit of carelessness. Lesson learned. 

Nothing is easy in endurance sports – particular in the marathon. Nothing is guaranteed and this is pretty much the beauty of it all. While I love this sport and the lifestyle that comes with it, the hard and raw sites are the ones that need to be dealt with. 

In the days after the race I was eager to find another marathon to show my fitness. I had to be honest to myself and stopped searching for an outlet. The stomach is not back to 100% and more time away from my family seem to be wrong. I close this chapter for the moment knowing that time will heal this wound… 

Tune of the day: Gang Starr – Mass Appeal 

shoeporn: Hoka One One – Clifton 6

Tune of the day: Bop & Subwave – Space Warp X Solitary Dancer – An Angel For Everyone


Tune of the day: Bad Company – Submarines

Checked: Rezlo (Zeno Shorts & Theros Shirt)

Tune of the day: The Cinematic Orchestra – A Caged Bird/Imitations of Life (feat. Roots Manuva)

Shoeporn: Hoka One One – Evo Carbon Rocket

Hoka One One is not all about chunky, oversized shoes. A heck of a 1mm thick full length carbon plate and a, for Hoka Standards thin sole, make this one a proper racing shoes.
Front view – the slick neon colourway (officially called: Citrus / Cyan) gives it away, this lightweight performer is loud and quick.
The Evo Carbon Rocket weighs in with a mere of 218 grams. If you put the amount of cushion in account, this is a pretty rad competition weight just right there.
I quickly became a fan of the smooth and thin upper. Pretty good breathability and a snug fit. All of this with a pretty roomy toe box. Nothing to complain really.
A closer look at the upper and the tongue. Both parts of the shoe are pretty slim and feel very good. Minimal and durable as it should be with a shoe that needs to go fast.
Another detail shot – The clean back end with a height of 26mm that goes down to 25 mm at the forefoot.
Inside the ride – Please note the very comfortable and efficient 1.00mm hell to toe drop. I enjoyed this a lot going through the paces. It certainly helps to be a mid-foot or fore-foot striker.
What you see, the front of the shoe. What you can not see, a striking carbon fiber sole sandwich. Pretty Yummy…
A early prototype of this shoe was spotted while Cam Levins broke the Canadian marathon record in Toronto at the end of last year. Afterwards message boards went crazy and soon after his race Hoka One One released the Evo Carbon Rocket to the masses.
It is pretty obvious that the sole has the design of a rocking-chair. This creates a very springy toe-off while running.
Hoka continues to push the competitive running segment. Their models continue to surprise me in a positive way.
Bottomline – the outsole below the ProFly cushion material consists of yellow durable rubberized foam.
The obvious question is: Is the Evo Carbon Rocket comparable to the latest Nike 4% hype? In my opinion it not really is. The Evo Carbon Rocket is much stiffer and firmer which creates a completely different feeling. It sure has a great bounce but that does not match the sensation of the foam that is used within the latest 4% fleet. It will be interesting to see how the latest Hoka One One Carbon X compares.

Tune of the day: MJ Cole – Serotonin X Tuamie – Flamingo Pink X Fierce and Cause 4 Concern – Carrier

INSTAssel: Inner City Life

Tune of the day: Ward 21 – Groundz

‘Bout That Time

Time for a status-check I guess. I won’t go down the old justification highway once more. Yes, life pays its toll, but lifetime outdoors is just more appealing than writing inside. I used to write a lot when I was flying with work. I was travelling a lot and that, fortunately, has changed. Consequence is, well, a Blog that slips bring up-to-date. Still I’m highly staggered by the traffic on the site. Thanks for keeping the faith and thanks for your understanding and persistence. 

Running. Some street. Somewhere in Stockholm (Picture: Dennis Wernersson)

My 2019 season kinda progressed back in December 2018. As sketched in an earlier post, some friends and i realized a pleasant mission in order to raise money for Sweden’s biggest fundraiser Musikhjälpen. For the full length of a week, Sweden goes crazy for this 24/7 show that is broadcasted live on TV and radio. A friend was one of the TV hosts and we tried to help spreading responsiveness for the Program and in order to do so, gather money for a good cause. The motto for the 2018 version was “Alla har rätt att funka olika” (“Everyone is entitled to function differently”). We bounced around some concepts and finally ended up with hacking the idea of Rickey Gates. He ran every single street in San Francisco. An idea that was just too good to be ignored. So we did the same and ran every street in inner Stockholm. People were free to join the daily runs and donate as we tagged along all the streets. The project was so much fun and amazed us more than we ever thought. Well over 10.000 EUR were raised and more than 160 Kilometers jogged. Undoubtedly my legs were worn-out but the whole week was so encouraging albeit powerful that it will be recalled for a long time. Once more, thanks to everybody that joined and more significantly contributed for this. Plans for December 2019 are already being discoursed. 

Night Run (Picture: Dennis Wernersson)

160 Kilometer weeks in December is not something I typically do. I felt tremendously good after a week of slow running on subzero roadways around Stockholm. As my application to run the Berlin Marathon was rejected and I decided to take a break from ÖtillÖ (after racing it 5 years in a row), I was searching for something to stimulate my training monotonous. I need a goal. I like training, but I do love working out when there is a clear goal on the Horizon. A competition that is always in my mind is the New York City Marathon. NY was perhaps the first marathon I watched on TV, at a time when athletics was far away in my line of interest. This contest is fairylike and since I watched it live in 2008 and raced it myself in 2009, it has a special part in my heart. In 2009 I competed well. However I fell apart pretty desperately once I had to climb up 5th Avenue besides Central Park. I ran 2.52. Which is a great time for such a course. Back then I was satisfied even though Austrian doping empress Lisa Hütthaler overtook me 2k before the finish line. 

I examined the sign-up practice and found out that I can sign up in the “Best for age Program” with a half marathon time of sub 1.22 ran a year out of the qualification deadline. Haven’t ran a half marathon in the last couple of months did not leave me with numerous choices. Deadline for eligible times was the 31.12.2018. In the middle of December I met three tasks. 

1. Being able to run the demanded Half Marathon time
2. Find a race that suits my pre/Christmas family plan
3. Getting recognized into the 2019 edition of the New York City Marathon 

At one stage I wasn’t sure what the main challenge might be. I started to check for competitions in Sweden but short of any luck. We had planned to go back to Germany for Christmas so I had a quick look through the local race agendas. Crowded with traditional New Year Eve runs, I more/less fortuitously, came across a competition not too far away from my where my parents life in south Germany. 41st Silvesterlauf Rastatt/Wintersdorf on the 30th of December. Exactly a day before the deadline. I had never heard of this race so I checked the website. And to my pure amazement, their major event for the day was a 2/loop half marathon in the flats of the Rheinebene close to the French border, a mere of 1,5 hours drive from my home town. Lucky punch I guess. 

Kilometer 11 – Cruising with the french dudes.
Kilometer 20 – Nearly there. Nearly.
The Gang!

On top of all that, I was able to get my trusted ÖtillÖ companion Fabian out of superannuation. It did not take much to sell the New York idea to him. He also did not had a qualification time so he was along for the ride. On race day we toured down to the location with a car additionally loaded with Gabi and Basti as well. I love my boys. Spontaneous journeys like these are my favorites – Good times. 

Not only the race report is told fast, also the course was quick. Generally flat and a good portion on hard gravel streets all over the local Forrest. Two Frenchmen went out fast and I let them go but then decided to jump in with them. Collected with an additional Frenchman we shaped a formidable 4 men leading pack. I continually reminded myself to hold back. My goal was clear. I wanted that qualification time. At times it was hard to stay on track for that. The pace was quick. We toured at a decent speed and I felt contented. Soon after the 15 Kilometre mark one of the Frenchies stepped the gas pedal and our bundle was no longer. I was on my own. I thought of attacking as well. But I already felt tired and, this could be the maturing-process setting in, reminded myself of the goal. Just run the time. Just run the time… So I found myself totally on my own. No one in the front and no one in the back. Well, at a sharp left corner I observed the shoulder and could spot Fabians singlet. Initially I was happy to see him so close by as that meant that he was also well in the wanted time range but, for understandable motives, there was no time for me to hang around. Looking back, I think this state of affairs was key for the both of us. He could not go any quicker and, well, I did not get any slower. We arrived within a couple of second amongst each other. I was happy. We were happy. 

Another snap from a week of running every street in Stockholm Running. (Picture: Dennis Wernersson)

As soon as the official registration opened for the New York Marathon, we signed up and crossed our fingers. A couple of days after we put our names down. The confirmation email came a couple of days after that. New York in November, it can’t get any better!

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

The Great Gatsby

Tune of the day: Joy Division – Disorder X Promoe – Footwork

Shoeporn: Adidas – Adizero Boston 8

shoeporn: Adidas – Solar Ride

It is rare, but sometimes it happens. A shoe in the lower price categories that hits the nail. After a while this one pretty much surprised me – Adi Dassler’s Solar Ride.
There is not that much to write about really. No special feature or shiny gimmick. This one is the new version of the popular Supernova.
One of the cheapest models in Adidas Solar Collection is definitely not the worst. A durable and neutral allrounder. Daily mileage beater with no thrills. Nothing more to ask.
The Solar Ride feels a bit like the cheaper brother of the Solar Glide. While the Glide features a Boost sole, the Ride comes up with a No- Name cushion that actually feels pretty nice.
Let that Midsole drop. 10 mm to precise (heel: 30 mm / forefoot: 20 mm).
I use the Solar Ride for daily jogs. It is not the lightest shoe around but i do not care really. The supportive Forgedmesh upper feels nice and holds the feet in place.
No thrills continental rubber Adiwear outsole. Does the trick on roads and is not too bad on dry trails.
Some top view of the Solar Ride.
I like bigger toe boxes and this one is pretty good and wide.
Almost all Solar line shoes have the same upper. The difference lies within the sole really.
How to finalize a shoe like this? Well, if you want a simple shoe for simple runs. Here you go. Have fun!

Tune of the day: The Alchemist – Fetti Instrumentals

Sri Lankan Diaries – Part 2

Tune of the day: Lansky Jones – New York Marathon

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