Sweden proudest endurance sport event undoubtedly is the Vasaloppet. A world-renowned competition that surely any endurance fan has heard of. No matter if you ski or not. Karl Axel Karlberg and Sven Gärderud thought that a summer equivalent was missing and in 1965 they set up an annual cross-country running race on the isle of Lidingö, in front of Stockholm.

The course quickly gained recognition and by now is the biggest cross-country contest in the world with up to 35,000 people running. By now, the course is iconic for its variety and toughness. 30 kilometers around the island. On roads, gravel, and light trail.

Once the race calendar got almost erased, we were hungry for some inspiring challenges and found it right on the Lidingöloppet course. No one had ever done a Lidingöloppet-Double. Mountain bike one loop and then change the bike for some running shoes. My training buddy Marcus and I thought it was a decent idea and went for it.

66 Kilometers later we were pretty tired but also pretty happy. A proper day out on a sunny Saturday.

Tune of the day: Moby – Go